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football, fitness & motivation club
Pilates with trainer

Scouting for young players for eventual training in the youth academy and encouraging their development.


Our players have a second “family” in their teammates and club and take pride in being at Western-sports Foundation

Healthy diet plan

Need to pay as much attention to their diet. Nutrition impacts everything from a player's endurance levels and speed

welcome to Western-sports
About Western-sports
Our purpose is to become the leading professional regional youth development club in Mumbai, seen as innovative and embracing modern development tools to give our players the best possible football education.

We provide top level coaching. Our focus is on regular, intensive training combined with important off-pitch aspects like mental preparation and nutrition. We give players the unique chance to play against the best teams. Our coaches know the players both on and off the pitch and become an important part of their lives beyond football

welcome to Western-sports

My boy trained with Western Sports Foundation for two years and flourished under their supervision – I would recommend them to anyone and for me it's no surprise they've developed so many players playing at professional clubs and have so many children attending their courses. Really enjoyable sessions and great manner about the way they conduct themselves. Wish your company every success.


My son was relatively new to football having only really played with me in the garden previously. He was quite nervous before attending his first session but the guys over at Western Sports Foundation were able to keep everything really fun and relaxed. He now loves his football and we have definitely noticed an improvement in his play. The main thing is that he enjoys it and gets out the house on a Saturday. Thank you Western Sports Foundation


We love Western Sports Foundation. Ryan has been to every football camp and weekly course since he was 6 and half. Ryan has improved so much and we would recommend Western Sports Foundation to anyone keen to get their child started playing football.

welcome to Western-sports
Our Courses
Maintaining Fitness

Football demands a high level of physical fitness to succeed. Being faster, stronger and more agile than your opponent.

Learning Plays

Our focus is on regular, intensive training combined with important off-pitch aspects like mental preparation and nutrition

Progress toward your goals

We give players the unique chance to play against the best teams

Fit Class

provide training and conditioning programs that the players are responsible for during the offseason.

Nutrition Classes

When it comes to fueling a football player there is unequivocally no one size fits all nutrition plan. Nutritional needs vary based on the individual.

Pillates Class

Pilates is such an effective full-body workout, it’s a great way to re-establish the body’s equilibrium, reducing the stress from over-stressed muscles

welcome to Western-sports
The Blog
Motivating Kids at Football

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Pre-match Preparation

I was at a 7-aside grassroots game recently where one team did a rondo and a short passing exercise as part of a warmup.

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Learning One Position

At grassroots level, players sometimes get placed in positions based on their physical makeup – the fast kid is a winger or striker,

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Kids Practise